How to wield your power ?

People ask me all the time to get them the best Auto insurance possible, and I tell them every time that I will do my best. As in anything we can only do our best, and with auto insurance it is no different. What people do not understand is (but maybe you do after reading this), that the power actually lies within the individual looking for the insurance. If that person meets the criteria of a low risk driver or insured, and they fall within the appetite of several insurance companies, finding lower cost insurance is simple. Most people stay with their insurance carriers for too long, and do not shop for something new until they realize they have been paying too much for years.   The first step in wielding your power is being an insured that most companies want, and second is to shop for the auto insurance carrier that works best for you. This is hard, because most people do not have time. You can spend a day or two looking on the internet for carriers that work for you, and just end up picking the last one you dealt with, just because you’re too tired to keep looking.  This is why I recommend an Insurance Broker to help you shop for auto insurance, Brokers are typically situated to look at multiple carriers at one time, and they understand the appetite of the carries, which takes all the legwork out of your hands, and you do not pay them. Now full disclosure I am biased, because I am a Broker, but you can make the choice for yourself as to what the best option is.   Although shopping for insurance is a key point to wielding your power, you do not want to look too often. What I mean by this is if you switch companies every year, it will end up hurting you, because insurance companies like to see a steady history with other companies, which makes you more attractive to them, because they know you will be there for a while. Just like any relationship, do you want to date someone who has commitment issues, always looking for the next best thing? I told you, it’s a tricky relationship. My recommendation is to try to look every two years, if you have had no accident or violations, and every three to five years from your most recent accident or violation. Those time lines should allow you to find the best cost for your auto insurance. Ultimately who do you think is responsible for getting you the best auto insurance rate possible? It will be you, or your insurance broker, and typically the broker will do it faster, so keep that in mind, again I am biased, good luck.