Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the basic foundations of personal finance for every household. However, because of its complexity there is a great deal of confusion and skepticism about life insurance. That is why you need a trusted advisor like C&H Insurance to help you sort through all the options and make it easier to understand so you can make the best choice to protect your family.


Home Insurance

Home insurance provides financial protection in case of an accident involving your home. There are different types of homeowner’s insurance policies with costs that vary based on a number of factors. It’s a good idea to compare the products of several companies before making a decision.


Auto Insurance

Auto insurances protects you against loss if you have an accident or your vehicle gets stolen. As with all insurance, there are many things to considers:
• What should your coverage be?
• How much car insurance should you buy?
• Should you bundle it with your home insurance?
C&H can answer all of these questions and more.


Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance protects businesses against losses from theft, liability, property damage, and coverage for an interruption of business or injured employees. C&H Insurance provides one on one advisory service for our business customers and has saved them thousands of dollars on their policies.


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help lower your costs if your pet is injured or gets sick. Learn how you can protect your pet the way you can protect the rest of your family.

The Importance Of Being Covered

We provide stability and reliability to our clients so they can live their lives with confidence. We are here to give them peace of mind, and enable them to realize their dreams for their loved ones and their legacy.

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